Why should you work with See Sarasota?

I live, work, reside, play, network, read, study and research in Sarasota.

The goal is to develop an expertise and elevate the brand of See Sarasota to the point where locals and tourists reach out to me as the primary point of contact of where to go, what to do, where to stay, and who to contact.

Sarasota's One-Stop-Shop Concierge and Leisure Service.

Someone who is always out and about and finding great deals, new services, meeting new people, and finding the nooks and crannies to really create value for my clients.

Since I also love graphic design and publishing, both offline and online, I hope to one day turn See Sarasota into a publishing channel as well.

This means I will publish online, but also create a one-page newsletter that goes out to the hotels and condo buildings.

My revenue plan includes: booking hotel rooms. I am an IATA accredited travel agent. As you can imagine, a 10 percent commission on a $1,000 dollar night at the Ritz Carlton adds up quite a bit of money.

Ancillary revenue comes from tours, activities, transportation, and events. If you establish partnerships with independent providers, some are willing to pay you a commission for driving them business.

I recently had a meeting with Susan Robinson from Key Culinary Tours and Suncoast Tours. What I'm trying to do makes sense to her, I think!

Another revenue channel is charging Concierge Fees. If you are good at what you do, you can get away with charging fees. While things will be slow my first year in business, as I develop real expertise my ability to charge Concierge Fees will go up. As I get better and better at my job, my fee will go up, I'm leading to more money.

One more revenue channel is the patronage channel. Much like in the arts and non-profit world, there are donors who can afford to support services and initiatives that they believe in.

If you wish to be a member or supporter, you can learn more here and here.

Thank you,

Patrick Baynes

See Sarasota

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