Welcome to See Sarasota

Date: August 1st, 5:35am

Welcome to See Sarasota.

I just resigned from my job to pursue this full time.

I work out of my apartment at Cimarron Lake Apartments in North Sarasota.

The goal is to build a small website/blog/service/operation that showcases Sarasota to travelers and locals like.

I don't intend to make a quick buck, or expand nationally, sell the business, or retire early.

I found something I love to do, that I've been chipping away at for many years, and intent to turn into a small business that I operate for decades and decades.

I wish to create a small following. I live on very little so I don't need a large income.

I don't intend to run Google or Facebook advertisements.

I will go door-to-door and cold call to find a following. I also hope to generate word of mouth marketing by asking for referrals.

Thank you,

Patrick Baynes

See Sarasota

Call or Text: 941-655-9541

Email: patbaynes@gmail.com

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