Sarasota Twenty Four Seven (24/7)

Sarasota can get weird after dark.

Long story short: the town shuts down at 11pm.

Even if you are not an insomniac - merely a night owl or an early bird - there's an akwward period where you feel "alone". Which is fine once in a while.

But here are some ways to fight that feeling:

  1. Go to Wal-Mart when it opens right at 6am. Plus you can beat that traffic of the mid-day.

  2. Go to the Wendy's on 41. It closes at Midnight on most days.

  3. Listen to FM Radio or Antenna TV. This is a good one. Unlike streaming, broadcast radio and television operate over the airwaves, creating a collective experience.

  4. Get your coffee all arranged beforehand so when you really want it will be there.

  5. Order Uber Eats, even if you're not that hungry.

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